Change for Change is a movement for change. Since 1999, we've mobilized communities to support charities of their choice by donating spare change.

About Us

Change for Change is a 501(c)3 national non-profit organization that inspires people to build a better world through giving. We create educational tools and engagement opportunities, both online and offline, that help people support charities of their choice by donating spare change. We are based on the idea that small change – the extra coins lying around under couch cushions, in coat pockets, and in desk drawers – can be used to make big changes in our communities. Through our programming, we’re focused on making charitable giving more fun, accessible, and transparent while also supporting local community charities where small donations have a meaningful impact. In other words, we help people use their change...for change.

Change for Change’s dedication to helping programs provide essential services is inspiring. The donation we received from the Amherst College Chapter made an immediate impact on our ability to provide top quality meals to our most vulnerable citizens.
— Laura Reichsman, Not Bread Alone - Program Director

How We Began

Dana Hork, Founder & CEO

Dana Hork, Founder & CEO

Seeing a greater vision behind the piles of pennies accumulating in her college dorm room, Dana Hork founded Change for Change in 1999 at the University of Pennsylvania. Dana, who was moving back to Minnesota from Penn for the summer at the end of her freshman year, realized she had accumulated a notable sum of loose change over the school year. It was too heavy to take on the plane home for the summer, but too meaningful to leave behind either.  

Dana was inspired by the idea that aggregating all of the spare change lying around in couch cushions and desk drawers across the country would really add up. That together all of this small change could make big changes in our community.

After leading  successful collection drives for three years at Penn and raising over $25,000 for September 11th relief efforts during, the program was ready to expand. With the support of a group of friends who shared a vision of a nationwide charitable giving campaign, Change for Change was rolled out nationally. Dana continues to run Change for Change today, dedicated to the idea that small change can truly create big changes. 

What We've Achieved

Change for Change has partnered with more than 20 businesses, schools, and community leaders to raise over $200,000 for more than 40 charities.

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