Change for Change has built a movement for change. Here are just a few of our stories.


Kilometer of Coin: Montreal, Canada

Canada is home to the $1 coin (the loonie) and the $2 coin (the toonie), making it an ideal location for a change drive. And since 2010, students at McGill University have been lining the campus entryway coin by coin (or rather, loonie by loonie) to raise funds for Montreal community charities. Students have chosen to support non-profits that empower women entrepreneurs in developing countries (Artistri Sud), support at-risk teens (Share the Warmth), and provide crisis assistance to the homeless (Le Refuge des Junes de Montreal).

See the Change: Bioré® Skincare Facebook Campaign

Change for Change partnered up with the global skincare brand Bioré for a Facebook social campaign. Bioré asked their fanbase to donate virtual change to the organization of their choosing, selecting either the pet adoption site Petfinder or Vital Voices, a non-profit for women leaders around the globe. The campaign was supported by Bioré with Facebook media as well as promotions on the Bioré.com site. The winning charity was Vital Voices, which received a $5,000 donation from Bioré. The runner-up, Petfinder, was awarded a $2,000 donation.

Education in Rural Mexico: Tucson, AZ

After welcoming students from the University of Arizona community for over 20 years, the city of Cajones, Mexico was about to receive a tremendous gift. Professor Todd Fletcher, along with a group of passionate and enthusiastic students, set out to build a community center that would offer educational, cultural and health related programs to residents of this rural community just outside of Guanajuato.  Change for Change became a perfect partner to help mobilize the University community around bringing this center to life. Over the course of three years, students held loose change drives, a golf tournament, and a benefit dinner for Resplandor International to raise funds and awareness for this project. In total, $8,816 was raised, enabling the center to offer literacy, language, and fine arts classes to children as well as workshops to families from the local community.  For its efforts, Change for Change was awarded the Best New Student Organization on the University of Arizona campus. 

Suicide Prevention: Ithaca, NY

Suicide is an issue that hits way too close to home on the Cornell University campus. Following a tragic pattern of six suicides in six months, student leaders on Cornell's campus sprung unto action to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention efforts.

Students hosted a change drive covering all 70 fraternity and sorority chapters on campus, reaching over 4,000 undergraduate students, or approximately 30% of the undergraduate student body. Through its efforts, the student body raised $2,000 for the Suicide Prevention & Crisis Services of Tompkins County (SPCS), enabling the organization to keep their crisis phone line staffed a full 24 hours a day. The donation was presented by the fundraising drive's leadership team at the annual Day of Demeter community service event.