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Who We Are

Our Mission & History

Change for Change educates, supports, and mobilizes a generation of young adult leaders to solve critical community challenges through philanthropy.

Through a national Chapter network, Change for Change empowers young adults to pool individual donations, demonstrating the collective power of small change to create big changes. Change for Change’s National Office provides its Chapters with support and resources to develop leadership skills, raise awareness about the importance of philanthropy, and implement successful fundraising programs, thus creating more informed and experienced young adult philanthropists who support non-profits solving critical community challenges.

Our Vision

We envision a committed, engaged, and informed generation of young adults who are solving critical community challenges through philanthropy.

How We Began

Seeing a greater vision behind the piles of pennies accumulating in her room, Dana Hork founded Change for Change in 1999 at the University of Pennsylvania.  Dana, who was moving back to Minnesota from Penn for the summer at the end of her freshman year, realized she had accumulated a notable sum of loose change over the school year. It was too heavy to take on the plane home for the summer, but too meaningful to leave behind either.  

After crunching the numbers, Dana realized that accumulating change from many college students across many college campuses could really affect meaningful change. Through a mechanism that enabled college students to donate this loose change, Dana envisioned a large-scale charitable giving campaign supported by a nationwide network of college students.

After building a model, coordinating successful collection drives for three years at Penn and raising over $25,000 for September 11th relief efforts, the program was ready to expand. With the support of a select group of friends who shared a vision of a nationwide charitable giving campaign for college students, Change for Change was rolled out to additional college campuses.

Dana continues to run Change for Change at the national level along with a dedicated Board of Directors. Change for Change has since expanded its vision beyond just college students, and seeks to work with all young adults in building a culture of change...with loose change!