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What We Do

Chapter Process

How It works

You can join Change for Change by forming a Chapter comprised of three or more high school students, college students, or young professionals.

Change for Change Chapters hold one high impact, bold fundraising event each semester. Each Chapter's goal is to raise a minimum of $1,000 each semester by promoting donations via small contributions, enabling teams to donate $2,000 or more each school year.

What's Unique about Change for Change

Change for Change has a unique mission that focuses on small contributions, demonstrating that collective power of small change to create big changes. Example Chapter fundraising events might include loose change drives (e.g., penny wars competition), events with affordable ticket prices (e.g., dance marathon), and online donation drives. Events could take place on a single day, or span a week or month long effort with multiple groups participating (e.g., students, staff, local businesses).

Sample Timeline

Change for Change has developed a simple and effective program process for its member teams.

Choosing your Non-Profit Beneficiary

So what non-profits can you support?  You choose!  Using Change for Change’s tools, Chapters are empowered to select an important community challenge, identify a local non-profit addressing this challenge, and select something specific at the non-profit to fund.

By rotating the beneficiaries for each campaign, Change for Change helps participants become more informed and experienced donors while raising awareness for multiple community causes.

Stuff You Get

Our national office provides ample support and resources to start and run a team.

  • A workplan to guide your program planning
  • A beneficiary selection tools to guide an informed non-profit selection process
  • An evaluation tool to asses program outcomes
  • Ideas for successful events
  • A dedicated web page just for your team (we're launching a new website this spring!)
  • A Facebook page to gather supporters
  • Document templates (e.g., flyers, press release)
  • Access to a proprietary online Portal
  • Free and low cost promotional materials (e.g., cups, stickers, buttons)
  • Networking opportunities with other team leaders
  • Up to 40 hours of consultation annually

Chapter Requirements

We work with your prospective leadership team through a brief Orientation phase to introduce you to the program and evaluate if you have the key requirements in place:

  • Team: Recruit a leadership group of at least three committed student members
  • Fundraising Goal: Set an annual fundraising goal of at least $2,000
  • Sponsor Organization or Advisor: Identify a "home" through a sponsoring organization or advisor to provide guidance and resources

The national office will make the final determination regarding the desirability and feasibility of a Chapter.  Accepted Chapters are invited to sign an Agreement Form and participate in subsequent stages of the program -- Planning/Training, Implementation, and Evaluation.

Applications from prospective teams are accepted year-round on a rolling basis. Change for Change’s program year runs July – June. Donations made between July 2013 – June 2014 will constitute participation in the 2013 – 2014 program year.

Next Steps

Interested in starting a Chapter? Click here or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).